10 Amazing Photos From The Museum Of Natural History’s Online Archive

Today, the American Museum of Natural History put online its entire catalogue of archival images. The Digital Special Collection consists of over 7000 photos, slides and illustration spanning the world over. We sifted through the pile and picked out a few favourites.


Shell and Coral Hall looking west, 4th floor, main building

Mountain goat, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Lake Kariba, Zambia

Rock shelter showing cliff formation, Paleolithic caves, Les Eyzies-de-Tayac, Dordogne, France

Devils Tower, photograph for use in Mule Deer Group, Hall of North American Mammals

Limpkins, Harney’s River, The Everglades, Florida, 1906

Man hunting alligator with gun, Cape Romano, Florida, 1907

Thylacinus cynocephalus from Gould’s The mammals of Australia

Solar eclipse as seen from Baker, Oregon, 1918, left panel in triptych, by Howard Russell Butler, 1925

Men working with piles of salt, Haywards, California, 1870

South Rim, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Aftermath of tornado, Woodhaven, Long Island, New York

Wild flowers, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Young horned owls perched on branch, North America

Clusters, nebulae, and comets from Burritt’s Atlas designed to illustrate Burritt’s Geography of the heavens

To take your own journey through the museum’s vast archive, head over to the Digital Special Collection website.