You Must Watch This Amazing Guy Playing Star Wars In A Pipe Organ

You must watch this amazing guy playing Star Wars in a pipe organ

Seriously people, you must watch Jelani Eddington's incredible rendition of the Main Title from the Star Wars Symphonic Suite on a Sanfilippo Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. It starts slow but it gets pretty crazy after a while. And the end — holy crap that end. Is he playing in the Death Star or what?

The organ is not in a galaxy far away but in Barrington, Illinois. I didn't even know these kind of pipe organs existed, with all those instruments attached to it. Awesome instrument and even more awesome skills.


    I would hate to be the guy who has to repair that. Should play Mr Crowley next, that would sound pretty good.

    Oh the memories of Dark Forces coming through on my AdLib card lol.

    Great job, but he was off beat there several times. You shouldn't rush a masterpiece.

    Theatre Organ Society of Australia (SA Division) owns the Capri Theatre in Adelaide. The theatre is fully owned and operated by the Society as a commercial cinema and houses a 4/29 theatre organ, which is mainly a Wurlitzer. The other organ, a 2/12 Wurlitzer, formerly located in Wyatt Hall, Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide, is now being re-located. The pipes and instruments are on display to the auditorium whilst it is played. Several world famous organists visit for concerts and it is played by volunteers prior to the movies on certain days. Whilst I'm not an organ fanatic, I am in awe of this fabulous instrument, whenever it is played. Well worth the price of a movie ticket.

    Only thing that could have made it better was if it was Barry Morgan playing it ;)

    Truly an amazing instrument!

    Looks to me like he's playing it ON a pipe organ. I'd like to see him try and fit inside there!

    Gizmodo/lifehacker/kotaku/that other one should just have one article a day labelled "Cool stuff we've found" and post videos and pictures and stuff that isn't articles or reviews but just interesting snippets, instead of just having all articles subject to the same level of importance seemingly spammed one video 'articles', with real articles being lost in the frenzy.

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