You Can Now Buy The Official Pillow-Fighting Pillow Of Japan

You Can Now Buy The Official Pillow-Fighting Pillow Of Japan

Are you one of the All Japan Pillow Fighting Association’s rapt and loyal followers? Are you tired of the more conventional sports fans sauntering around in their jerseys while you walk around swag-less? Looks like your day has finally come. As of yesterday, you can finally buy an Officially Recognised by the All Japan Pillow Fighting Association Pillow of your very own.

The pillows, produced by Makura Kabushikigaisha (which, according to Rocket News 24, literally translates to Pillow Corporation), are expressly designed to give you extra walloping power while still remaining relatively harmless to the atackee. Stuffed with “perfectly weighted crushed latex”, the packing peanut-esque filling adds the necessary weight to the pummelling device while remaining elastic enough to absorb most of the hit.

Safety is, apparently, a major concern in professional pillow fighting, so the pillow is completely free of any tags or fasteners that might be cause for a bleeder. And it doesn’t matter whether you find its grey and white stripes aesthetically pleasing — this pillow is all about function. Supposedly, this combination of colours makes it easier to notice as it comes in for the kill.

The pillow will set you back a cool $30, and just in case you were doubting that professional pillow fighting is an actual sport, we present this.

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