Watch 4 Seasons Transpire In Seconds In This Excellent Hyperlapse

While we notice the passing of seasons, mostly in the change in temperature, it's hard to pick out the finer details of the environment's eventual transition from the warmth of summer to the depths of winter and back again via the middle grounds of autumn and spring. Sure, you can compare regular photos to spot the less-obvious differences, but wouldn't it be better to watch it in timelapse form instead? How about hyperlapse? I have good news for you then!

Photographer Piotr Wancerz decided he wanted to branch out from doing a regular timelapse and came up with the idea to map the seasons using his trusty shooter.

Wancerz began the two-year project back in December 2012. All the shots are from Cracow, in Poland, and show a variety of natural and urbanised locations as they transform between the four seasons. As Wancerz explains in this story on Matador Network, he was keen to try different techniques, from traditional tripod photography to motorised sliding shots.

He mentions that the final tally of photos was in the range of 15,000, though he managed to edit it down into the two-minute clip here.

[Vimeo, via Matador Network]

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