Two Years Of Raspberry Pi, Celebrated

Two years ago, on the 29th of Feb 2012, a tiny little machine came out with the intention of bringing cheap computing to areas that were hard to access, and proliferating programming knowledge and interest. But there was a happy side effect, in that we all got to see what crafty people on the internet would do with such a small, yet highly capable, computer. Matt, The Raspberry Pi Guy, made this video compilation of said crafty people to celebrate this milestone.

Matt says "Not only did it kickstart my interests in programming, electronics and all things geeky but it also kindled the same passion in millions of others: affecting people of all different ages and abilities around the globe."

I have to agree — the accessibility and price of the little machine makes it pretty damn enticing, even here in Australia. It's the perfect little machine for that cool project in the back of your head that requires a little bit of engineering, and a little bit of programming. Here's to you, Raspberry Pi.

[Ars Technica]

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