Tokyoflash Japan's Latest Space-Age Watch Is The Console Acetate

Tokyoflash is a Japanese watchmaker with a penchant for high tech. It has had some beautiful designs in the past, including the Tron-esque Kisai Seven, and the data-storing Kisai Upload. The latest Tokyoflash watch is the Console Acetate, and it looks like it belongs on Robocop's wrist.

Available in blue and green, the "very limited edition" Kisai Console Acetate has a stainless steel case with an array of LEDs, each with a specific and inscrutable purpose; twelve hexagonal shapes for the hour (AM or PM), a multi-part gauge for five-minute intervals, and four chevrons for the minutes in between those intervals. We're sure it'll be easy enough to read after a little practice.

If you're still unsure how to drive it, Tokyoflash has a handy Youtube tutorial.

The Kisai Console Acetate is currently US$99 as part of a launch promotion, but it'll be a little more expensive after the launch window closes. [Tokyoflash Japan]

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