100-Item Time Capsule Sealed In Canberra, Another Found In Miranda, NSW

100-Item Time Capsule Sealed In Canberra, Another Found In Miranda, NSW

This week in our round-up of time capsule news, we have a recently unearthed capsule made from a WWI artillery shell, a new 100-item capsule sealed in Australia, and more disappointed rugrats who were unimpressed by a 25-year-old capsule in New Jersey.

Canberra seals 100-item capsule under public art
The Canberra City Hall time capsule was finally sealed this week to celebrate the city’s 100 year anniversary. Sitting beneath a new tall silver monument designed by artist Geoff Farquhar-Still, the capsule contains 100 different items that will be making their journey to the future. The items were chosen by committee to highlight local history and includes a toe from the prototype of the Skywhale. Yes, that Skywhale. [ABC Canberra]

New Jersey kids disappointed with time capsule bounty from 1986
Another week, another group of school children unimpressed by a time capsule opening. This time it was in New Jersey, where a 25-year-old capsule was unsealed at an elementary school, revealing some baseball cards, newspaper clippings, and a VHS tape, among a handful of other things. The kids will be making their own time capsule which will surely disappoint the children of 25 years hence. The children really are the future. [NorthJersey.com]

Lone document discovered in 1927 Arizona capsule
An 85-year-old time capsule was opened recently at a Santa Rosa de Lima Mission Church in Tucson, Arizona. Members pulled it from the adobe walls and were a bit disappointed to find just a single item: a 1927 document describing plans to build the church along with a list of members’ names. The church members plan on making a new time capsule, and hopefully will include more than just a lone sheet of paper. [Indian Country Network]

WWI capsule made from artillery shell in NSW
A World War I-era time capsule that looks like it was constructed out of an artillery shell has been unearthed in Miranda, NSW. The capsule was buried underneath a war memorial that’s now being moved to a different location, and included two pouches of tobacco from Holland and some rolling papers. No word if the capsule included any kind of documentation about the original capsulers. [The Leader]

Photos of the Canberra time capsule ceremony via ABC Canberra