This Unreleased Daft Punk, Jay-Z Track Is A Stinker

Hooo boy. It seems that not everything Daft Punk touch turns to gold. An unreleased track from our favourite robots and Jay-Z has dropped online, and it leaves a lot to be desired. Take a listen to "Computerized".

It's a track that borrows heavily from Daft Punk's work on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, specifically tracks like "Son Of Flynn".

Jay-Z is rapping on the track, and some of the lyrics still feel like first draft stuff, including the use of the word "iTouch", which is what dumb people call the iPod Touch because it's "easier".

Pitchfork has confirmed that the track is real, and it's a real good thing it never made it onto an album without more polish. [Pitchfork]

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