This Treacherous Hanging Staircase Doubles As Shelving And A Desk

This Treacherous Hanging Staircase Doubles As Shelving and a Desk

Here's a great space-saving idea for anyone living in a small home with multiple floors who also happen to be incredibly sure-footed. Mieke Meijer's designed this completely unorthodox staircase called the Object Élevé for a home in the Netherlands to maximise space, functionality and wow factor.

The base of the stairs feature an integrated desk with multiple levels for laptops, printers, and it even has built-in storage. But what's most striking about this staircase design, besides the uneven steps featuring additional storage underfoot, is the fact that the top and bottom are completely disconnected.

Besides being visually impressive, it also allows the desk on the bottom to be repositioned when needed. And if you've got kids upstairs you're trying to convince to stay in bed, simply dragging the desk well out of the way could be an easy way to remove their access to play rooms or TV on the main floor — unless you're genuinely worried they might risk the drop. [Mieke Meijer via Dezeen]

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