This Smart Attachment Makes Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver Gun A Reality

This Smart Attachment Makes Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver Gun A Reality

In the 2000 AD comics, anyone who had the balls to disarm the brutal Judge Dredd and attempt to use his Lawgiver pistol against him would be left flailing, with the weapon smart enough to know when it wasn’t being wielded by the lawman. It’s a concept that’s now set to become a reality thanks to the Sentinl Identilock.

The brainchild of Omer Kiyani, the victim of an unsecured firearm shot to the face as a child, the device attaches to a handgun’s trigger, and is equipped with a fingerprint scanner for biometric authentication.

Unlike Judge Dredd’s sidearm, the Identilock won’t turn fire back on the unregistered shooter, but it will prevent the trigger being pulled, unlocking and clipping off only when a verified user is holding it. Using FBI IAFIS standards, multiple trusted users can be associated with the device.

With the US constitution allowing the ownership of firearms for personal defence, it’s hoped the Identilock would prevent children from accidentally coming across a gun and injuring themselves or others.

Manufacturers Sentinl are looking to get the gun into US stores with a year, seeking further investment with final adjustments currently being made ahead of a retail model release. [CNN]