This Guy Modded Out His DeLorean With An In-Dash iPad And It’s Awesome

Today we got our first look at CarPlay, Apple’s answer to the interactive in-car infotainment craze. But YouTuber DMCPat didn’t wait around for the Apple sanctioned iPad integration — he built-in an iPad Mini complete with car-ready UI into the dash of his 1981 DeLorean. Doc Brown would be proud.

DMCPat is really into modding out his 1981 DeLorean, and 6:50 into this very thorough walkthrough of his myriad customisations, DMCPat turns the ignition and shows off the iPad interface. It does everything you would expect from an in-car infotainment system like playing music and looking up directions. In many cases, I would even argue that it works better than the clumsy systems on brand new cars. Pretty awesome! There’s anther video below.