This Apple TV Concept Is Flat-Out Gorgeous

This Apple TV Concept Is Flat-Out Gorgeous

We could be getting a new Apple TV as soon as April, but I guarantee you it almost won’t be as pretty as this custom concept unit from designer and 3D visualiser, Martin Hajek. It’s freaking gorgeous.

Images: Martin Hajek

The concept was developed by Martin Hajek in conjunction with a German design site,, and it fits in perfectly with the new generation of iPhones.

It would come in three colours: black, silver and (of course) gold, with a neat little remote to match. The Apple TV would be a flatter, more streamlined unit made of brushed aluminium and wrapped in the coloured-banding, similar to the iPhone 5s.

What’s really impressive, however, is the remote concept, which works almost like a long version of the iPod Mini from a few years back.

It would be anchored by a Home button at the bottom of the remote, and complimented by a beautiful Retina display that shows contextual information about the menus and the content you’re looking at.

Take my money. Now. [Martin Hajek]