The World's Longest Aircraft Finally Gets Off The Ground

The World's Longest Aircraft Finally Gets Off the Ground

The HAV304 took the crown of "world's longest aircraft" with its inaugural flight today. The gargantuan spans a football field and towers just over two stories in height, owing its construction to pure metal. It sacrifices little in being the world's longest, as it still reaches 100 mph, which is triple that of the dwarfish Goodyear blimp. Further, it can stay airborne for just over three weeks (and hypothetically, if it could maintain its maximum speed for all that time, it would travel over 80,000km.)

All in all, the HAV304 offers nothing short of the glory one would expect from a gargantuan blimp-hybrid-aircraft that is partially funded by the lead singer of Iron Maiden. So run to the hills, tundra, or any extreme environment, as this runway-free goliath will soon be delivering supplies to you.

[The Telegraph]

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