The Size Of Our Solar System, If The Moon Was A Single Pixel

Once you start getting cosmic, it's hard to grasp the real scale of relatively-close celestial bodies, such as the Sun and Jupiter, let alone the entire universe. That's when it's best to simplify concepts, framing them in ways that are easier to comprehend. Josh Worth has done exactly that, by assuming the Moon is one pixel in size and scaling the solar system from that.

We've previously seen a similar idea, taking the Earth and making it 100 pixels, but Worth's attempt takes things a step further. With the Moon at one pixel, each dot on your screen is equal to 3474.8km.

You can go as far out as 5,913,489,348km, at which point the site states you'd have to scroll through almost 6800 similar "maps" before you'd come across anything interesting. It navigates from left to right — desktop users might find the horizontal bar too sensitive to navigate the site properly. If you're on a touch-based device, however, the experience should be a lot more fluid.

[Josh Worth]

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