The Government Is Tinkering With Film Classification

The Government Is Tinkering With Film Classification

In a bid to cut red tape, the government is having what it calls a “Repeal Day”. It’s about slashing obsolete legislation to save money and putting on a cute stunt which looks like stuff is being done quickly. The government is slowly revealing what’s going to be dumped next week on Repeal Day, and one of the laws being ditched relates to how films are classified.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott calls it a “bonfire of regulations”.

He revealed in Parliament this morning that one ember on the bonfire will be legislation relating to film classification. Basically, it’s being streamlined so that movies will now only have to be classified once rather than multiple times.

Previously, when movies went from cinemas onto DVD, it had to pass through the Classification Board again so that the physical media being sold in stores could be classified. That’s about to change.

PM Abbott said in Parliament this morning that films will now only need to be classified once when they go into cinemas now.

If you want to keep track of what’s going to be repealed next week, the government will dump it all here on 26 March.