Sony's Firmware Update For A7 And A7r Promises Faster AF, Startup Time

Sony's Firmware Update For A7 and A7r Promises Faster AF, Startup Time

Sony's full-frame mirrorless duo, the A7 and A7r, are about to become just a bit more capable with the latest firmware released today. Improvements include faster autofocus, improved startup time, and a vaguely stated 'improved image quality.'

The update is available here, and will provide a slight but meaningful improvement to the camera that is not without its flaws. I own an A7, and one of my biggest gripes is how long the camera takes to start up after turning it off then immediately on again. After installing the update, that delay has for sure been improved. It's still a bit slow, but better than it was.

Autofocus is hard to make a definitive statement about without side-by-side testing, but it does seem a bit faster with casual use. As far as image quality improving, again, it's hard to quantify that claim without meticulous testing. But you can be sure that some folks on the internet will take up the task soon.

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