Science: Less-Attractive People Get The Most Online Dating Attention

If you’ve stuck a toe in the online dating pool, you’ve probably come across some total hottie and thought “oh great, that lucky so-and-so is gonna steal away all the attention from my profile.” Not so, says science — in fact, it’s the controversial-looking people, not the smokin’ specimens, who get the most attention. Here’s Head Squeeze‘s Hannah Fry to explain.

The science behind online dating is really fascinating. Once you’ve peeled away the societal pressures (and the personal skin in the game), you realise the whole thing is just game theory at play. And if you can jock the system to your advantage , you’ll get the best results — even if you look nothing like the traditional concept of beauty. So go ahead, get out there and be yourself. Science says there are plenty of fish out there who’ll respond to ya. [Head Squeeze]