Report: Christian Bale Could Star In The Good Steve Jobs Biopic

Report: Christian Bale Could Star in the Good Steve Jobs Biopic

Still bummed about Ashton Kutcher's I-kinda-look-like-the-guy big screen portrayal of Steve Jobs? Well hang tight, as Hollywood's cinematic Bat-Signal for a Real Actor has been answered. Christian Bale is being rumoured to take on the role in the upcoming, Aaron Sorkin-penned, project.

It's still early days for the film, but David Fincher is in talks to direct, and will apparently only go for it if Bale's also on board. A Sorkin-Fincher pairing makes sense following the success of The Social Network — maybe they will do Twitter's origin story next? — but how do you feel about Bale? The resemblance is there, the skills are there, but we'll wait until Woz weighs in . [The Wrap via Business Insider]

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