Qantas Cuts Frequent Flyer Points For Cheap Fares

Qantas is making big changes to the way that discounted fares and non-flexible tickets accrue Frequent Flyer mileage — the end result is that if you're buying cheap tickets, you'll be earning fewer points than you were before.

As of 1 July, the Frequent Flyer scheme will change to accommodate the new rules — more flexible fares get more Qantas points, while less flexible Jetstar and Qantas cut-rate fares get less. If you were thinking of quickly booking your next international flight to get around the cut, you're too late. Only bookings made before 27 March (for post-1 July travel) will retain their existing points accrual status, and everything from today onwards falls under the new scheme.

Angus at Lifehacker has all the details — head over to check out how your account might be affected. [Lifehacker]

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