PSA: Retune Your Digital TVs Today, Sydney

Today is the day, Sydney. The day your digital TV signal needs to be retuned so you can keep watching all your favourite free-to-air channels. Here's why.

In order to free up spectrum for other services after the Digital Dividend, free-to-air networks are consolidating themselves in one area of the broadcasting spectrum.

That means the frequencies for your TV are about to change. As in this very morning.

Once your TV stops receiving signal from your current networks, head into your menu and start auto-tuning. It should find all your channels again with no problems.

If you run into issues, or more importantly, if your less tech-savvy parents or grandparents hit issues, the Government's Digital Ready team has a free 1800 number to call, or an email address for support.

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Tower image via Shutterstock

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