Plant Spores Turn Into Freaky Critters When Placed On A Subwoofer

Plant spores turn into freaky critters when placed on a subwoofer

This is Colossal highlights this mesmerising video by Susie Sie: The Essence Of Sound. She put some lycopodium powder* on a surface on top of a subwoofer and filmed it in slow motion with some exquisite lighting. Some of the sequences remind me of Jupiter's atmosphere. Others, of herds of critters moving around.

Check it out here, at her page, or below.

* Lycopodium powder is a highly flammable substance, "a yellow-tan dust-like powder historically used as a flash powder. It is composed of the dry spores of clubmoss plants, various fern relatives principally in the genera Lycopodium and Diphasiastrum."

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