Of Course There’s An Aussie-Made Asylum Seeker-Themed Flappy Bird Clone

Of Course There’s An Aussie-Made Asylum Seeker-Themed Flappy Bird Clone
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Flappy Bird clones are still a thing, I see. This time, an enterprising Aussie has designed one that lets you play as an asylum seeker boat attempting to avoid Australian-built blockades.

It was a game that its creator said he designed “after a few beers”. The aim is to avoid the barricades, otherwise you’ll be captured and sent to Manus Island: the Government detention centre that has come under fire recently for the mistreatment of people seeking legal asylum and resettlement in Australia.

Here’s how Mat describes his creation:

Looking to claim asylum in Australia via boat? Not a problem! First you must guide your dangerously crude, over-crowded make shift boat through this never-ending maze of barbed wire guarded by the slogan spewing, fearsome glorious leader Tony Abbott. Upon reaching the end you’ll be free – it’s that easy! With that said, every time Tony Abbott curses at you with his magic catchphrase “stop the boats” the level increases ten fold. Now, if you get caught you’ll be sent off to Manus Island! Whilst there, you’ll be forced to work, threatened with violence, be at risk of sexual abuse or even tortured. Oh, you may also be locked away indefinitely. Good luck, we don’t have wimps guarding our borders!

Head over to his site to play.