Nielsen Will Rate Australian TV Shows Based On Their Twitter Popularity

Audience research company Nielsen, in partnership with Twitter, has announced its plan to bring Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings (NTTR) to Australia in the second half of this year. The ratings service, which will run alongside Nielsen's existing television stats, will rate TV shows based on their popularity with Twitter users -- on-topic tweets, retweets and interactions will all count towards a show's overall position.

This is big news if you're working in advertising, marketing or any of a dozen other industries that make money off TV, but for the rest of us, it's just interesting. In the US, where NTTR has been running since October last year, there's a weekly top ten list: in the latest info, schlocky reality show The Bachelor topped the list, but The Walking Dead came in second -- showing a disproportionate amount of interest and online action for a TV show with a relatively small TV fanbase.

Another interesting statistic -- according to Mumbrella, Twitter Australia is said to be pegging the number of Australian Twitter users at around four million -- that's almost a fifth of the entire population. [Twitter Blog]


    Doesn't sound like a bad ideas, can see shows like Q & A topping the list.

      For sure. It's the only reason I have a twitter account.

        It would seem logical to scale ratings for shows that have interactive twitter feeds for this very reason. Live shows will no doubt get tweeted more than shows that don't.

      Seeing as twitter is pretty much a leftist cesspool, politically, I wouldn't be surprised if Q&A topped the list.

        Have you even used Twitter? There are plenty of Liberals politicians and supporters on there.

    If I had twitter, it would be the only reason for it.

    so 10 - 16 year old girls and bots will decide what goes on tv... that's a brilliant idea.

      What a stupid comment. Yes, only 10-16 year girls use twitter. Head off idiot.

        While 10 - 16 year old girls are not the only users, they would make up the bulk of actual tweets regarding tv programs. So yes, 10 - 16 year old girls will be deciding what goes on tv.

          Sounds about right to me. People already without a life will get to ruin it for others. How long before we can look forward to Twitter's demise.

        you spend hours posting on twitter about all the tv shows you watch? think before you type

    The walking Dead has quite a large TV fanbase in America actually.

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