Melbourne To Trial City Wi-Fi

Do our cities even need Wi-Fi anymore? Regardless of the answer, Melbourne is charging ahead with a plan to deliver Wi-Fi into the CBD.

The state's Premier, Dr Dennis Napthine, announced yesterday that the Melbourne CBD would soon benefit from city Wi-Fi under a new plan to roll it out for the benefit of tourism and education.

Free Wi-Fi had been under test at Flinders Street Station for some time, and now the government thinks it's time to expand it to other hotspots.

It's still only a pilot program and the government is currently looking for expressions of interest on who will build it.

It's unlikely that the network will be city-wide, instead only based at many popular transit hotspots and visitor favourites.

We're as yet unsure of the speed, the cost or the potential for ad-support. We'll have to wait and see how it shapes up.

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