Jawbone UP24 Finally Released In Australia

Jawbone UP24 Finally Released In Australia

It’s about time! The Jawbone UP24 — the follow-up to last year’s handsome UP fitness band — is finally in Australia. Here’s the local pricing and where you can get it.

The UP24 is Jawbone’s latest crack at wearable fitness and lifestyle tech, and it’s better looking than ever.

The diamondback design has been ditched for a more spirographic line pattern on the band, and the colours have been dramatically shrunk down to a choice between black or persimmon (which is a fancy way of saying orange).

The band itself is sturdier than the last one, and it’s finished slightly differently so it feels more comfortable on your skin. The single-button on the end of the band itself, which is used to switch modes, is more pronounced on the UP24, and separated better from the band so it won’t disappear into it over time.

The real difference about the UP24 comes from the connectivity on offer. The UP24 runs Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy for connecting and transferring stuff to your iPhone or your compatible Android device. The addition of Bluetooth 4.0 takes the battery life on the UP24 down from 10 days on the previous model to seven days.

Bluetooth 4.0 LE isn’t something that has been around for long in the Android range, so you can assume you have it if you’re rocking roughly a Galaxy S4 and upwards. On the iPhone, you’re covered back to the iPhone 4S. As for Windows Phone 8, the only hurdle is getting the UP app onto the platform, which Jawbone says it’s “assessing” based on the size of the market (read: you’ll be waiting a while).

The UP24 connects to the UP device on your app periodically to give it updates on your sleep and movement progress, so that Push notifications can give you encouragement through the day.

The UP app has gotten prettier over time, and has added features like the ability to manually add sleep, a feed-style view of your achievements, and a series of challenges and pledges to get you walking and sleeping more for general wellbeing.

If you’re not into the idea of the phone synchronising wirelessly with you’re band, you’re out of luck on the UP24. The last model had a 3.5mm adapter for plugging straight into your iPhone or Android device, but that’s been shrunk down to a non-industry standard 2.5mm jack. That’s annoying for two reasons.

First, because you now can’t jack in manually if your Bluetooth is sucking too much power or generally playing up, and second because it means your charger for the UP is now obsolete. The cost of progress, I guess.

The UP24 will set you back $179, and now you can get it at more places: Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Apple will all stock the device.

Stay tuned for our review of the Jawbone UP24 on Friday.