It Turns Out The Straight Line Isn’t The Most Useful Tetris Piece

If someone asked you what the most coveted Tetris piece was, you’d instantly say the straight line, right? After all, you’re always building your stack to leave a thin gap down one side so that when a straight piece does fall, you can clear out four levels at once. But in real life, at least thanks to this multitool, the T-shaped tetromino is far more useful.

It might be useless at clearing lines of blocks, but when it comes to opening bottles, tightening screws, or slicing through paper, this piece is as coveted as it gets. And with a built-in keyring, this $US12 tetromino is always at the ready. So when you need it, all you have to do is fumble through your pockets, instead of waiting for the game to benevolently send it falling from the above-screen heavens. [Amazon via Tiny Cartridge]