Is The New Mini Cooper S Any Good?

There's more tech than ever on the new 2014 Mini Cooper S, but that doesn't mean that it's automatically good just because it has lots of buttons. Is it any good?

As the guys over at XCAR discuss, the hot hatchback of choice right now for most young hooligans is the Ford Fiesta ST: a fantastic little car that we drove very fast a little while ago. So can the Mini, with all its history as a motoring icon, dethrone the new fast kid on the block?

It's packing a 2-litre, 4-cylinder engine that produces 189 horsepower. It also has swathes of new tech including shift meters, smart driving modes for better fuel economy, new safety tech and a heads-up display.

Check out XCAR banging the motor around a mountain for a while to see if it's any good.

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