If Only Fixing Your Parent’s Wi-Fi Was Always This Epic

If Only Fixing Your Parent’s Wi-Fi Was Always This Epic
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Every time I go to my parent’s place, there’s a tech support question. You probably know how I feel, dear reader. The next time you feel like you’d rather upturn every table in sight than fix the goddamn Wi-Fi again, just imagine that your task is being narrated like this amazing clip from Archer‘s H. Jon Benjamin.

It’s called the Ballad Of A Wi-Fi Hero, and it tells the story of a sleepy kingdom where Wi-Fi is cherished, and The Google is used by all who connect. But one day, the kingdom is plunged into darkness when the Wi-Fi stops working, and The Google will not load.

But lo, a brave knight who works with computers delves behind the couch to slay the router and power cycle the beast to restore order and connectivity to the kingdom.

The clip is narrated by none other than Stirling Archer himself, and I think I’d do just about anything with his voice following me around.

Warm your heart this morning with this excellent clip.