Here's One Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Tablets And Laptops On Planes

FAA Rule Bans Personal Electronics in the Cockpit

The debate has been raging for months over whether or not we should be able to use our gadgets in-flight while we travel. Here's a good reason why they should stay stowed in your luggage.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has released an incident report from a Qantas 767 flight in November last year between Sydney and Melbourne.

The co-pilot switched on the seat-belt sign at 10,000 feet above sea level for the descent into Sydney. On the descent, there was about two minutes of serious turbulence. At its most serious, several passengers were struck in the head and injured by a laptop.

Three passengers were injured in total, one with a serious injury, another with a rib injury and the other with only minor injuries as a result of being struck with an iPad.

So while a laptop or an iPad might not have any effect on the plane you're on, it can seriously ruin another passenger's flight.

The plane attempted two separate landing attempts in Sydney before being diverted to Williamtown due to severe turbulence and low fuel on board.

Stow your gadgets, people.

Picture: Derrick Coetzee/Flickr

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