Here’s An Honest NBN Coverage Checker

Here’s An Honest NBN Coverage Checker

When will you get the NBN? That’s the question on the hearts and minds of every geek in the country suffering under a lacklustre copper network that slows to a snail’s pace every time it rains. We’ve already had Malcolm Turnbull’s broadband report card to tell us that most of our connections suck, but when will we actually get sweet, sweet fibre into our lives? This new coverage checker is a sad state of the world we live in now.

This friendly-looking website tells you when you’re going to get the NBN. At least that’s what you’re led to believe.

After inputting your address, you’re subjected to a long wait time while the service “loads” your result.

The FAQ section confirms the sad state of high-speed broadband these days:

I’m excited about the NBN coming to my area. What happens now?

Here’s hoping we get some fibre in our internet diet soon.