Here's An Honest NBN Coverage Checker

When will you get the NBN? That's the question on the hearts and minds of every geek in the country suffering under a lacklustre copper network that slows to a snail's pace every time it rains. We've already had Malcolm Turnbull's broadband report card to tell us that most of our connections suck, but when will we actually get sweet, sweet fibre into our lives? This new coverage checker is a sad state of the world we live in now.

This friendly-looking website tells you when you're going to get the NBN. At least that's what you're led to believe.

After inputting your address, you're subjected to a long wait time while the service "loads" your result.

The FAQ section confirms the sad state of high-speed broadband these days:

I’m excited about the NBN coming to my area. What happens now? Nothing.

Here's hoping we get some fibre in our internet diet soon.




    Does it count as irony if I check it from my NBN connection?

      Bob, who did you have sex with to get NBN?

        Simon Hackett

        Just happened to be moving at the right time, to the right area, to a brand new apartment building that was hooked up to the NBN. They're like white whales. Some spend their whole life searching for one.

          I found a house in one of the solitary suburbs in Brisbane that has it. Luckily I was moving anyway but it was insanely lucky that we got it at a good price.

          When I was talking to the agent while looking at the house and asked about the NBN, they just looked at me blankly. Tbh, I wouldn't have been surprised if someone put a premium on a house because of it's availability.

          Good work Tony and Co, you have created a huge divide between haves and have nots when it comes to internet access for all. Our divide is literally on our street, the other side of the road are people who don't have access, so close yet so far....

          Let's all move to bob's house.........

            Maybe if he just shares his location and his WiFi password?

              If you can locate my SSID (WhiskeyNet1064) I'll gladly share the access password. :p


    Last edited 18/06/15 10:48 am

      Just hope it isn't 101 metres. The spec for network cables (cat5 etc.)places the limit at 100m.

      Last edited 03/03/14 9:38 pm

    I received a random kitten image at the end.....then I remembered I had my Chrome extension on that replaces Tony Abbott with cute kittens :D

      this happened to me too! I was wondering what happened there.

      Was like Kittens? huh? ahhhhhh

      To think that Kittens could probably do a better job at rolling out the Nbn than Abott and Turnbull.

    Once I saw where it was going I had to smile... Then they had to show that last image... There goes another monitor destroyed by an involuntary punch....!!

    Why do you people keep talking about the National Broadband Network? It does not exist and won't exist while the coalition remains in power. All that does and will exist is a stupid, non-homogenous, balls-up!

    Oh god this made my whole family laugh for a good couple of minutes. Anyone got Abbott's email? I have a link I'd love to spam his way, namely this image

    I'd like to thank Ionata Web solution for their cunning satire

    Must be a slow week.

    I got a good laugh out of this!

    NBN does not live up to it's promise. After the rest of my suburb got it I had to chase NBNCo myself to get them to connect me up. VisionStream had bungled the provision of PCDs to my block and refused to deal with it. Now that I have NBN I find I cannot connect my analog phone with my preferred service provider (Which Had Been Promised) and I cannot get FetchTV streaming video service through my preferred provider.
    Today I got a letter from NBN advising of the shutdown of copper network soon. Even though NBN does not deliver equivalent service!

      They didn't promise analogue phones would work with all service providers, just some. It's mentioned in this video:

      FetchTV is just an IPTV service, it doesn't use anything special beyond an internet connection. Who is your preferred provider of FetchTV? Are they who you have your NBN service supplied by? The providers only provide the service if you're one of their broadband customers, from what I can gather.

    What are these guys doing with all the addresses they've collected?

      Looking at the site JavaScript, it doesn't actually submit the form anywhere. A site like this would be an interesting social engineering hack though.

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