Help This Excellent Doctor Who LEGO Set Become A Reality

Doctor Who comes in many shapes and sizes — literally — thanks to the wonderfully wonderful science-magic of regeneration. What the good Doctor's regeneration powers aren't capable of is transforming him into bits of LEGO, which would be undesirable from a practical standpoint, but great for those of us who, well, like LEGO. Fortunately, we have enterprising people like Andrew Clark, who's put together a great pitch for an official Doctor Who LEGO set.

You can hit up Clark's proposal on LEGO's Cuusoo website and even lend your support. With over 8640 fans already, it's a bit shy of the 10,000 needed for LEGO itself to consider, but given its popularity, it's hard to see it not reach this target.

As Clark explains, Cuusoo doesn't allow for miniatures-only sets, so he's added pictures and ideas for a full-on TARDIS setup as well — both inside and out. Options include a weeping angel, cyberman and Dalek, if baddies take your fancy, as well as the Doctor himself in Tennant form, though Tom Baker's version is proposed to give the set a more classic feel.

Here are some images, courtesy of Clark, showing off his ideas.

Doctor Who And Companions [LEGO — Cuusoo, via OhGizmo]

Images: Andrew Clark

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