Google Chromecast Is Probably Launching In Australia Soon

Google Chromecast — that cute little HDMI dongle that broadcasts damn-near anything you like from your laptop or phone straight onto your TV — is probably coming to Australia in the next few weeks according to a new rumour.

Reports have already emerged that Australia is on the list for Chromecast, and Google's head of Android, Apps and Chrome certainly isn't doing anything to quell the launch hype.

Speaking at his SXSW keynote over the weekend, Sundar Pichai revealed that Chromecast would land in "many more countries" in coming weeks.

$35 says it launches here, and another $35 says it will cost more than the US asking-price of — you guessed it — $US35. [The Next Web]



    Oh good. That makes me feel better for buying one for $40.

    I saw one listed on eBay AU for like, $117 BIN.

    What's wrong with using my AppleTV (money already spend) that also has Netflix and other features. If I had to spend approx $70-90 then again AppleTV, it can allow me to mirror the screen on my iPad/iPhone/Macs on to the Telly.

      What kind of weird question is that? Nothing is wrong with using what you have already, so be happy with it :). However not everyone owns iDevices, or wants to be locked into the Apple ecosystem (nor pay $100 for features they may not need).

      I have a jailbroken AppleTV2 running Plex that I use with my iPad Air and iPhone via Airplay, but I also have a Nexus 7 2013, so I want a Chromecast to be able to stream content to my plasma via Android.

    Already got one. Picked it up while I was in the US for an extended period thinking I could use it with the hotel tv.... which would of been awesome with my tablet.

    However, it doesnt like those wireless networks that require you to input into a web form & the number of non-chromecast enabled apps meant I couldnt use it until I was home. And now home it's only really for some youtube & play movies.

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