Foxtel Will Let You Stream Entire Seasons Of Game Of Thrones

If you're already subscribed to Foxtel Go, Foxtel Play or Foxtel's good ol'-fashioned cable TV service, you're in for a treat. Full seasons of some of the best TV in recent years are sticking around online for the long run; you'll soon be able to stream a complete archival season of Game Of Thrones, or Veep, or any of almost a dozen other series, via Foxtel.

Existing Foxtel Play, Go and iQ subscribers can access whichever Complete Season line-ups suit their subscriber level; you'll need to subscribe to Showcase, for example, if you want to watch Game Of Thrones. It's not a comprehensive list of series; Foxtel doesn't have rights to the first season of GoT, for example, so only the second and third complete seasons are available for streaming.

As of the end of March, there are 13 seasons of 11 shows available for streaming on demand through Foxtel. You'll be able to watch:

  • Game Of Thrones: Seasons 2 and 3 on Showcase
  • Veep: Seasons 1 and 2 on Showcase
  • Coast Australia: Season 1 on History
  • Aussie Pickers: Season 1 on A&E
  • Wentworth: Season 1 on SoHo
  • Grand Designs Australia: Season 4 on Lifestyle
  • Embarrassing Bodies Down Under: Season 1 on LifeStyle YOU
  • Location, Location, Location Australia: Season 1 on LifeStyle
  • Paddock To Plate: Season 1 on Lifestyle
  • River Cottage Australia: Season 1 on Lifestyle
  • Selling Houses Australia: Season 6 on Lifestyle

  • The line-up of complete seasons is set to expand as more shows air; it won't be too many months until you're able to view the fourth season of Game Of Thrones whenever you want it as well. [Foxtel]

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