Coca-Cola Wants You To Start Riding Your Bike

Coca-Cola Wants You To Start Riding Your Bike

Coca-Cola has an interesting new app and social initiative. It’s called The Happiness Cycle, and it’s aimed at teenagers (although anyone can join in). Coke wants them to start riding bikes; the aim is to get Australian kids to become more active, and the soft drink giant is giving away hundreds of bicycles to promote the cause.

The ‘HappiCycle’ app is available on both Google Play and iOS; it’s been out for a while, but more and more riding events are being planned for NSW, Victoria and WA — other states and territories are coming soon as well.

Coke’s cycling app gamifies exercise for any kid taking part; there’s a points system for distance riding, and badges for completing specific challenges. Like Ingress on two wheels, you can dominate your local area by riding around the block.

If you register for The Happiness Cycle, you’ll go in the company’s database to be selected for a free bike giveaway — BMX, hybrid or fixie. Whenever there’s a Coke-sponsored cycling event in your area, you’ll get a reminder to get out there and ride, and possibly pick up a freebie.

We think this is a great initiative from Coca-Cola, and it’s worth checking out. Anything that influences people to get outdoors and a good thing, right? [The Happiness Cycle]