Breakfast Wrap: Wednesday Night’s Top Stories

Breakfast Wrap: Wednesday Night’s Top Stories

Samsung Galaxy S5: Australian Telco Pricing Revealed
So far, it’s looking like Vodafone is cheapest, with the bonus of double data on its $60 plan upwards.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Will Let You Tap ‘N Pay With Westpac, Commbank
If you’re a Commonwealth or Westpac customer with a wallet full of credit cards, this is a great reason to buy a new phone.

HTC One M8 2014: Everything You Need To Know
Another mobile phone! We’ll be at the Australian launch of the new HTC One tonight, so stay tuned.

An Hour With The Photographer Behind Windows XP’s Iconic ‘Bliss’ Background
With bug support for Windows XP ending in a few days, we chatted to the man responsible for the operating system’s most recognisable feature.

An Australian Rescue Helicopter Almost Had A Mid-Air Collision With A Drone
This is why we need tougher regulations on the use of drones, especially where emergency services are involved.