Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

'Complete Invention': Malcolm Turnbull Responds To Recent Twitter Outrage Malcolm's not happy with, Twitter, or the state of rational discussion on the internet.

Google Play Now Has An 'Australian Made' Category For Apps This should be a godsend for finding local apps for public transport, movie times and so on.

Beer Brewed With 'Lazy' Aussie Barley Lasts 'At Least 50% Longer' A new strain of barley being developed by the University of Adelaide should make beer last longer in your fridge.

Mt Gox Just Found Over $100 Million In Bitcoin In A Random Wallet Only about $400 million in Bitcoin still missing, then. Things are looking up!

Turkey Has Banned Twitter It's a harsh crackdown, but it seems like Turkish hackers are still winning the fight against government censorship online.

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