Behind-the-Scenes Of A Crazy Drone Video Shoot

The video for electronic music act Booka Shade’s new single “Crossing Borders” is a mind-bending collage of imagery. It looks polished and glossy, a bit like the song. But the behind-the-scenes video from the production company and drone operators shows just how hard making something that polished can be.

The video for “Crossing Borders” was produced by Pier Pictures with drone cinematography by Octofilms. The footage was shot all over California aboard a drone sporting a crazy rig of eight GoPro Heros. Watching this behind-the-scenes video, you can’t help but admire the hard work that went into making a cut that’s less than four minutes long.

Remember: Drones might be up in the sky all by themselves, but in a lot of cases there’s a totally freaked out human being operating the machines from earth.