Australia Misses Out On Chromecast Again, As 11 Other Countries Get A Release Date

When stuff comes out in the US, we sort of just assume that we'll get it eventually. We got all excited last week, though, when Google's head of Android said that Chromecast -- Google's HDMI streaming dongle -- would drop in loads more markets this week. Turns that Australia isn't one of those markets.

Chromecast launched in 11 more countries this morning: Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the U.K.

No Australia to be found.

Speaking at his SXSW keynote last week, Sundar Pichai revealed that Chromecast would land in “many more countries” in coming weeks. We had thought it would be Australia, but sadly, we're all still waiting.

Do you still want a Chromecast? Tell us why in the comments.



    Just bought three of them at Walmart :)

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    Well if we don't get it sooner I will be going to a couple of those countries in September so I will have to keep this in mind. :)

    Chromecast is a joke. You're better off getting the netgear ptv3000 and hooking it up to your phone or tablet. At least that way you have no limitations on what you can view.

      It's getting better and better and it is, IMO, much easier than options like the ptv3000. Especially if your phone/tablet is a bit crap and can't handle streaming while doing something else. Chromecast connects directly to the content in the cloud so your phone is used just to cue things up.

      Plex has chromecast support now so you can play basically anything stored on your phone or NAS or PC or whatever now. Plus there's an app called Allcast which lets you basically just mirror anything from phones or tablets.

      it's damn good for the price and has a nice, simple interface. Depends what you're after I guess

        I hear what you're saying but my ptv3000 cost $80, my nexus 7 $280. I have zero subscriptions and zero desire to be told what I can and can't stream. I can bring in a movie to my nexus and cast it to my big screen without having to rely on any third parties, external harddrives or whatever. Equally so I can stream directly from the web (youtube etc). It just has to be the easiest way to go. Don't get me wrong, getting the latest firmware for the ptv was a pain in the arse but now it's going I just can't see a better option.

    It would be great if this was available to the masses in Australia, but my guess is that currently, everyone that wants one already has one.

      yup. pretty easy to buy one online if you really want one. I have two and an Australian release won't change much, maybe get iView to add chromecasting to their app or something but otherwise it's irelevant.

        What could make it really interesting though is this kind of thing:

        The more legit streaming services available on standardised hardware, the better! A standard platform is sorely lacking in Au, and no doubt a huge part of the reason that online streaming hasn't really taken off here yet.

          hmm, didn't see that. that would be interesting. May also explain the delay if they want to launch concurrently - getting Foxtel/Telstra/NewsCorp involved in anything will always slow it down.

          Chromecast support won't get me paying for Presto (or Go for that matter) but still good if it happens.

          I'll just continue to pirate. At least I get to watch the movies I want and not have to wait months before it pops up on foxtel. I even get to see some movies before they reach our theaters.

    Probably making to much money from sponsored links to torrent sites.

    I'm one of the lucky few Aussies as it's released here in Germany. I can't wait to get my grubby mits on it.
    You can always try one of the European amazon sites to see if they can ship it to Australia.

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