Aussie Daniel Ricciardo Disqualified From Melbourne F1

Aussie Daniel Ricciardo Disqualified From Melbourne F1

Daniel Ricciardo was having such a good weekend. He had just had a cracking race in his F1 debut for Red Bull in Melbourne, becoming the first Aussies to earn a podium finish. Now the FIA has disqualified the young Aussie from the race, alleging that he broke the new rule surrounding restricted fuel use in the race.

Image: Mark Thompson/Getty

One of the new rules of the upcoming F1 season is that teams may not exceed the maximum fuel flow of 100kg per hour. Team Red Bull is now under investigation by the FIA for exceeding the amount of fuel to be used in the race on Ricciardo’s F1 car.

The new rules are centred around reducing emissions and relying more on hybrid technologies, and just last week, Infiniti Red Bull posted a video on its YouTube channel explaining how the new rules affect it during a race, with the fuel caveat clearly highlighted. They knew the rules.

Red Bull will appeal the decision to disqualify Ricciardo, saying that he should not be punished for something that is ultimately out of his control. [SMH]