Audi Might Build The R8 e-tron After All

Audi Might Build The R8 e-tron After All

The Audi R8 is almost the perfect sports car. The electric version, the e-tron, was shelved after Audi realised the range was insufficient. According to the head of development at Audi, however, it’s back on track.

Audi’s head of development has been quoted at the Geneva Motor Show saying that recent boosts in battery technology means that the e-tron R8 is now a viable proposition:

Speaking to CarAdvise, he said:

I was looking at the reasons why the R8 e-tron was cancelled, and one was the range – about only 140-150 miles. Now with the team we found the possibility to go beyond that, between 250 and 300 miles.

We are thinking maybe to release the R8 e-tron as a production car. I personally need such a car as a technology vehicle to bring in new technologies, step by step – every half year or every year there will be something new.

We’ll see if the rest of Audi agree with him.