An Insulin Pen Cap That Reminds Diabetics When Their Last Injection Was

As if all the side effects and health concerns related to diabetes weren’t enough, those dealing with the condition also have to maintain a frequent and carefully tracked regiment of insulin injections. Missing even one can be incredibly dangerous, which is what inspired one company to create the Timesulin.

If you’ve ever put a pencap back on a pen, then you already know how to use the Timesulin. Designed to replace the caps on the most common insulin pens, a built-in timer on an LCD display automatically counts up when the cap is attached, and instantly resets when it’s removed. So knowing exactly how long it’s been since a diabetic’s last injection is no longer a mystery.

The Timesulin is actually already available overseas, but its creators are hoping to also make it available in the US soon. The only hiccup is getting FDA approval, which is why they have turned to Indiegogo to help raise the funds needed for the approval process. A donation of just $US30 will secure you one of the Timesulin caps once they’re available here, and given the product is already in production and in use in Europe, there seems to be little chance that this crowdfunding campaign won’t deliver. [Indiegogo via medGadget]