Amazing St Patrick’s Day Cocktails: Don’t Stoop To Green Beer

Amazing St Patrick’s Day Cocktails: Don’t Stoop To Green Beer

Listen, friends don’t let friends drink green beer. We’re talking about cheap light beer, plus green. Yum. Is this what your Irish grandfathers and grandmothers worked their fingers to the bone for? No! It’s possible to make a drink that pays homage to The Emerald Isle without compromising your dignity in the process. Here are a few great ones.

It’s time for Happy Hour, Gizmodo’s weekly booze column. A cocktail shaker full of innovation, science and alcohol. Please do not vomit on the Blarney Stone.

Last year we brought you five delicious, green alternatives from some of the best bartenders in the country. This year, those bartenders are back for more and the drinks look even better.

Erin Meadow (an Irish field)

First up, we have one from our good friend Sother Teague of NYC’s killer cocktail bar Amor y Amargo (and many others). Direct from the horses’s mouth:

“If you’re dead set on having a green cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day you might consider something a little more grown up than dyed, flavorless and flat beer. Look deep into the back-bar and reach for our old friend Chartreuse. Chartreuse gives its name to the colorchartreuse, which was first used as a term of colour in 1884.
Introduced in 1737, it’s been around long enough to prove that the monks who make this herbal liqueur know what they’re doing. With over 130 herbs and botanicals in the mix, it’s got a rich and complex flavour that will grab your attention right away. Also, clocking in at 55% ABV or 110 proof, a little goes a long way.
Here then, for your approval, is a great and slightly more sophisticated tipple to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day. And, as a bonus, it’s green. Sláinte!


  • 44mL Bushmills Irish Whiskey
  • 22mL Chartreuse
  • 22mL ounces Imbue Petal and Thorn vermouth


  • Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass and add plenty of ice. Stir to chill and dilute. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with a fresh lemon twist. Enjoy!

According to Sother, “The Bushmills will deliver notes of vanilla and honey while the chartreuse will slightly sweeten the drink while adding lots of herbal qualities. The vermouth serves to slightly soften the drink and brings notes of chamomile tea and citrus.” Can’t wait to try this one.


Drunkness is coming! Caitlin Conley, sent us a couple amazing drinks from the amazing Apothéke in NYC. The first was created by Maximilian Caraballo. While it isn’t green, it’s Irish enough, and it sounds amazing. Plus, Game of Thrones.


  • 60mL Irish Whiskey
  • 30mL Orgeat
  • 15mL Maple Syrup
  • 1 egg white
  • Dash of Aztec Chocolate Bitters


  • Shake all ingredients heavily and strain into a cocktail glass. The egg white gives the cocktail a smooth texture and a nice froth at the top. Dust with cinnamon.

I’d cut off my hand for one of those.

Deal Closer

Another one from the Apothéke crew. This one should be green enough for those of you are live in fear of being pinched.


  • 60mL Vodka
  • 3-4 pieces sliced cucumber
  • 4-5 mint leaves
  • 30mL Aphrodisiac tea
  • 15mL lime juice
  • 15mL simple syrup


  • Muddle the cucumber and mint in a mixing glass, add the other ingredients, shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a slice of cucumber and mint sprig.

Sounds super refreshing.

Celtic Swizzle

Lastly, we have one from the incomparable Freddy Diaz, president at Alambiq, a mixology consulting company based out of Florida. Just looking at it makes our mouths water.

  • 45mL gin
  • 1/2 Pernod absinthe
  • 22mL Dolin dry vermouth
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1/2 simple
  • Large Pinch mint


  • Build in tall specialty glass, gently slap mint in Palm, toss in bottom of glass, build rest of ingredients in glass on top of mint, fill with nugget ice, top with soda water, gently swizzle to mix ingredients and add additional ice on top. Garnish with large mint sprig.

So, right there, you have four delicious, classy drinks that will help you celebrate St. Paddy’s day while not also dying your soul. If none of these inspire you, you should check out last year’s list , our original recipe for Cold-Brew Irish Coffee , or even the offensive Irish Jello Shot recipe we really need to find a better name for. Thanks for drinking with us, and see you next week for another Happy Hour.

Top Image credit: Shutterstock/Jason Stitt and Shutterstock/GalaStudio