Amazing Photos Show The SR-71 Blackbird Without Its Paint Job

Amazing Photos Show The SR-71 Blackbird Without Its Paint Job

I’m amazed. I have never seen the World’s Most Awesome Aircraft without its characteristic black paint, but here it is. Thanks to Curt Mason and his Project Habu, now you can see the SR-71 Blackbird completely naked, in glorious titanium.

About Curt Mason’s Project Habu:

Descended from a Lockheed Skunk Works engineer and a middle school science teacher, my childhood was constantly surrounded by aviation. Since before I can remember, The SR-71 Blackbird was easily my favourite aircraft. I was so enthralled by the speed and elegant design of the bird. That excitement never really left me, even today. Every time I see a Blackbird in person, I feel like a child again, when my grandfather would take me to the local airstrip to teach me about different aircraft.

Later in my life, I discovered photography. Over the years, taking pictures has become my full time job. I’d photographed a few SR-71 aircraft here and there and I decided to combine my passions and embark on a photo project called “Project Habu”, an attempt to photograph all thirty SR-71 Blackbirds and its variants left in the world. I will use Project Habu to chronicle my adventures and share this labour of love with the world.

And look at these photos, aren’t they goddamn beautiful?

Curt Mason is an aviator and photographer. You can follow him on his Tumblr or Flickr page.