A Famously Tiny NYC Apartment Is For Sale For Almost $US1 Million

A Famously Tiny NYC Apartment Is For Sale For Almost $US1 Million

In 2010, Treehugger founder Graham Hill shrugged off his possessions, designing a high-tech microdwelling that would house all his needs in a single, small room. Now this sweet little transformer of an apartment is on the market. The price? $US995,000.

How small is it? According to the listing, it’s 420 square feet, which actually does not even qualify it as a “microapartment,” according to most city standards. But what makes it so clever (and maybe worth that cool million, besides the fact that it’s in SoHo) are all the features that allowed Hill to do rather impossible things in the space — like have 12-person dinner parties.

Gizmodo visited the space last year for a tour and we have detailed coverage of its extreme functionality, thanks to a Murphy bed, modular and movable furniture, and vanishing walls that move through the space on tracks in the floor and ceiling. There’s even a guest room!

The architects, Romanian design students Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu, came up with the concept, named “One Size Fits All,” which posits that the apartment actually features 1,000 square feet of livable space, with eight separate rooms in one.

Hill has written and spoken extensively about his “LifeEdited” philosophy of living with less, and has shared the process for the apartment in a series of DIY stories. He also plans to take the concept global, creating similar buildouts in other cities. Let’s hope he finds something similarly minuscule to move into, because turning up in anything over 500 square feet would be horrifically off-brand. It would be great to see the apartment transformed into an Airbnb rental (or its equivalent) for hesitant people to “try out” the experience of living in a small space and see it’s really not all that scary. [Streeteasy via Curbed and LifeEdited]