Xbox One Will Be Way More User-Friendly After A Big Update On February 11

The Xbox One has a few problems, but it's going to be ok now: there's a big update coming on February 11. Here's what you can expect.

The incoming update will now let you manage your download and update queue so you can get and install stuff in the order you want, not the order Xbox tells you.

Furthermore, you'll be able to view and manage your storage so you know what's being a hog on your space.

You'll soon be able to see a battery indicator on the Dashboard telling you how much charge your controller has (thank GOD), and you'll also be able to use a USB keyboard with the Xbox One.

There's also a bunch of prep going into the new Xbox One update for the release of Titanfall. When the game hits shelves on March 4, a new party and multiplayer system will roll-out.

Look out for the update next week. [Xbox Blog]

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