Why Does Lotus' First Motorbike Look Like A Tron Lightcycle?

If you feel riding a motorbike is one of the more terrifying road-bound activities one can engage in, then the lightcycle battles from Tron probably didn't do much to calm those fears. Not much at all. Those lightcycles did look super slick, though, which is why it comes as no surprise that a automotive business like Lotus would use it as inspiration for its first foray into the two-wheeled vehicle market.

Called the C-01, the bike sports a combination titanium and carbon-fibre frame, inside of which is housed a water-cooled, 1195cc V-twin engine with an output of 149kW. The machine itself weighs in at a petite 181.4kg, for those wondering.

As for its futuristic stylings, you can thank German designer Daniel Simon for those. Simon has spent time at both Volkswagen and Bugatti and as you may have guessed, worked on Tron: Legacy (as well as Prometheus and Oblivion).

If you'd like to see more photos of the C-01, check out Simon's website (specifically the wallpapers section if you think your desktop needs an overhaul).

[Lotus, via DVICE]

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