Weird Facts About Coca-Cola, The Favourite Drink Of Nazi Pilots

Weird facts about Coca-Cola, the favourite drink of Nazi pilots

Here's a fascinating article about the history of Coca-Cola. It goes through its entire story including some really weird facts, like their promotional brass watch fobs in the form of swastikas made in 1925, before the Nazi's rise to power.

And talking about the goddamn Nazis:

According to Emperors of Coca-Cola by Murray J. Eldred, German troops discovered a case of Coke left by retreating Allied forces while fighting in North Africa. With great value as contraband, some bottles were acquired by Luftwaffe BF109 fighter pilots who devised an ingenious means of chilling the drink in the hot African sun. Bottles would be wrapped in wet towels before being affixed to the underwings of their planes. Upon returning from flying, where the pilots had sweated profusely under the perspex canopy of their cockpits, they would remove the bottles of coke which had chilled at high altitudes and retained temperature due to the moist towels evaporating in the drag of the wings. — a rudimentary refrigeration technique.

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