Watch This Great, Vertigo-Inducing Footage Captured By Cinematic Drones

Drones are the best. We know that. After years of experimenting with JVC camcorders strapped to the backs of turtles, we somehow finally caught onto the idea of using flying robots (and high-definition digital cameras, too). The Norway-based outfit Antimedia even commercialised the idea — here's an assemblage of clips the company's sky-bound image capturers secured during 2013.

The footage is similar to what you'd expect to capture from a helicopter, except the agility and flexibility of the drones allows for better angles and faster response times to changing conditions.

I might be a little creeped out by having a mechanical camera hovering around me, recording me every (hopefully awesome) move, but then I'd remember it's the very coolest of technologies and all would be well.

You can read more on Antimedia's gear, including its drone setups, over on its website.

[Vimeo, via The Awesomer]

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