Unified Weapons Master Combines MMA With Australian-Made High-Tech Armour And Deadly Weapons

There's a new martial art in town. Unified Weapons Master takes the best parts of no-holds-barred MMA fighting, adds some high-tech armour, and spices things up even more with an arsenal of deadly weapons. Developed by Australian company Chiron Global, the upstart sport wants to bring traditional kendo and other armed combat sports into sync with MMA — while keeping everything safe with some amazingly advanced full-body armour.

The coolest part of UWM is the fact that each fighter is hooked up to a suite of impact sensors distributed throughout the armour's plates, reporting every contact wirelessly to external computers. Imagine watching the sport on TV, with a live read-out of the strength and severity of impacts and blows displayed in real time.

The armour was developed by a Sydney team that includes one of the experts who designed some of the mail and plate for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films. We can't wait to see whether it takes off. []


    Hugely exciting - full contact weapons fighting with the risk of injury negated. This has to be massive for the weapons community both as a competitive sport but also all the spin-off for entertainment. Love it. I'd watch this over a bloodsport like cage fighting.

    Very cool, though the helmets look like they'd restrict vision a lot, and I wonder what heating and ventilation is like.

    Biggest unanswered question - Why didn't they use this technology to become Batman?

      its just one step along the way....

      to the ultimate warrior (aka batman, or is it ironman?)

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    It seems more boring that boxing and MMA, which I already find dull enough. Another sport for fans.

    Great concept, but with a few potential flaws I see:
    1. Possible inadequate protection of neck and trachea/larynx, given that with armour people tend to hit harder.
    2. Slicing weapons won't work with impact-based systems; the promotion vid only shows bludgeoning weapons.
    3. Rigid weapons and hard unpadded helmets will still convey significant force to the head; hope they do some proper testing on that.

    This needs health bars along the bottom of the screen during bouts and an accumulated amount of "damage" ends the round. That would be pretty sweet.

    Yeah I don't see it happening. If you were to work the game on a continuous points based system then it devolves in to a mess of flurried hits and becomes a competition of who can hit the hardest the fastest.
    Single point systems are fine, but there is a reasons those sports don't get much air time, I don't see the All Japanese Kendo Championships on pay per view.....

    Combat sports need a clear winner, no one likes points decisions unless the fighters actually went all out with skill, not all out with flailing arms.

    And as someone sort of mentioned, that armour doesn't look like it's designed for stabbing or cutting weapons and has too many open target points that could result in some real injury

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for your comments and feedback on UWM.

    The UWM armour features in-built sensors, and sophisticated software, that can calculate and display the actual damage a strike would have caused to the body if it was unprotected, in real-time. Our patented technology will confirm who would have killed who first based on real time force measurement per anatomical segment using medical data. We can do this now with our blunt trauma and fracture profiling system we call BTS or blunt trauma simulation, and are also developing an enhanced application for EWS or edged weapon simulation.

    If you would like more information have a read through our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/UnifiedWeaponsMaster and check out our website - http://uwm.tv/

    What you are seeing are early prototypes - we plan on making significant improvements in both the armour and the audience displays - but it is all working and has been safety and performance tested by martial arts experts. If you like what we are doing and want to support us please join as Gladiator Members via our website - details of benefits are listed there, but include access to behind the scenes footage, interviews with the founders and other exclusive footage on the development of UWM. We take into account members Gladiator Allegiance status when allocating tickets to our events and other benefits.

    Thanks again for your interest in UWM.

      Firstly, I think the Armor looks freaking awesome and I wish I had one! ;-)

      However, I do have one thought going through my mind. As a weapons based Martial artist, I worry about the damage caused by momentum, especially to the knee joints. I saw blows to the leg in some videos and it seemed to take the muscle based shock fairly well. However, I worry that should someone fully follow through with a momentum based attack (particularly with long weapons which have more mass) then there would be a significant force applied to the knee which would risk serious injury. Have any tests been done with this in mind?

    It looks like it would be more participation based sport, real life Mortal Kombat!

    The family counselling scene with Dr. Marvin Monroe in The Simpsons episode 4 (1990!) has more exciting sword/ stick combat.

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