Two Aussie Developers' New Budgeting App Lets You Forecast Your Bills

The debut iOS app from the guys at Minus4°, Bills Forecast lets you quickly look forward at upcoming recurring bills, and add in expected purchases and yearly costs (like your car's rego and insurance). The product of a year's work from developer Toby Pattullo and designer Dean Hecker, the app looks great -- it's especially useful for getting an easy idea of how much spending or saving money you'll have left over every month.

Both Toby and Dean are profoundly deaf. They've been good friends for over 20 years, meeting playing deaf basketball. Living on Phillip Island off the coast of Melbourne, they're both very active, and have a shared interest in snowboarding -- that's where the Minus4° name comes from. Despite both having a long history in professional design and advertising agencies, they work best together, communicating in their shared first language Auslan.

Bills Forecast is the result of their brainstorming over a beer how to organise budgeting for Hecker's two daughters and Pattullo's newborn. According to Hecker, "We were chatting about money, and how there seem to be so many bills coming in all the time. We started looking for an app to help us out, and there was nothing out there that appealed to us. Toby mentioned building an app ourselves, and I thought 'Hell yeah, why not!"

From initial testing, the app works really well. It's not complicated at all -- just punch in your recurring and once-off upcoming bills on a monthly basis -- and syncs with iOS's calendar to push notifications whenever something is getting close to its due date. There's an Android version on the way, too, once the iOS launch is out of the way.

You can check out Bills Forecast on the iOS App Store, or get a quick tour on Minus4°'s website.



    This is exactly what I need! looking forward to the android release

      Have a look at AN Money.

      It does the same thing plus a lot more.

        Hmm can't find it

            Thanks looks good. But a lot of them have. Would prefer if they had a trial version.

              Actually found a free version of it, Does what I need it to do (has a few restrictions like allowing only 3 recurring debts/income). Made by the same guy here:

        10 Bucks though? I think to save money your better off not getting this.

      I prefer pocketbook. It's not as pretty, but it has the same 'bills forecasting' feature based on your past transactions. Because it (securely) hooks into your bank account/s it does a lot of stuff automatically; telling you if you've missed bills and even showing if you've gone over your budget.

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        not 100% sure if i'm ok with a 3rd party having my bank account information.

          I thought that too, but looking into it a fair bit made me a little more comfortable. All login credentials are individually encrypted so no one can access them, even if they somehow gain access to the pocketbook servers.

    Waiting for the Android version... at $1.99 for a purchase of the iPad app, which I'll prob not use.. I'll just have to wait :P ... would prob be okay if u paid for one platform across that payment and they both sync'd together though.

      Definitely a good idea. It'll never officially happen, of course (maybe if Google wants to tempt away Apple users by mirroring their apps on Android) -- but it would be great if developers were proactive about it.

    I will just use my spreadsheet

      same, seems like a nice app, but really a lot budgeting stuff is basically just knowing how to do simple basic maths.

    They spelled 'simplest' wrong on their home page.

    YNAB is also a great alternative, and has allowed me to get my crap together financially.

      I dunno if a 60$ programme is a great alternative to a $1.99 one.

        For many of us who have gotten into it, the YNAB philosophy that sounds the YNAB software can be life changing. It's a different way of thinking about your money.

        I'd be surprised if most people hadn't gained back their $60 and more within a month or two.

          amen to that!

          i've been using YNAB for about 3 months now and i've now got my shit together... not broke anymore, and now know where i spend my money.

          still looking forward to improving my cash flow, savings and having cash for those rainy days

          dunno why you got a down vote ;(

    I love this Bills Forecast app! It's so easy to use and read. So many others ask for too much info and want to connect to my bank account, which I am not happy to do. This is perfect for what I need.

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